How to Use Netflix Party to Stream Movies with Your Friends

When we watch movies, we are not just being entertained, we are also admiring something and learning about the world. The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has taught us how to manage everything at home. Like everyone had to work from home and even the entertaining places like Cinemas are closed. So, for entertainment, many online services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc are available to watch shows, movies, and series. During this time, one of the chrome extensions has become popular for streaming movies with friends.

Netflix Party, a chrome extension allows you to watch shows and movies on Netflix with your friends and chat simultaneously. In the side chat bar, you can discuss what’s going on in the movie and have fun. However, it is not available for Android, iOS, Tablet, or any other device.

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party is the most popular app or extension that lets you watch Netflix with friends. The service works as a free Chrome extension, which means if you are using the paid version of the Netflix app, then you can use Netflix Party. It is only available for Chrome and Opera browsers that can be used on computers or laptops. However, the company has changed its name to Teleparty. The reason behind changing the name is that it now supports remote viewing on Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Max.

How to Watch Netflix Together with Netflix Party?

How to Use Netflix Party to Stream Movies

To watch Netflix together with your friends, you need to log in to your separate Netflix accounts. It will take few seconds to start the app. If there is a joining invite link, then it will be much easier. Let’s check out the setup process.

  1. First of all, go to Chrome Web Store and Download Netflix Party Chrome Extension
  2. Now, open Netflix and look for a show or a movie you want to watch and play the video
  3. Next to the address bar, there is a Netflix Party extension that is changed from gray to red, click on the button.
  4. A window will pop up saying “Create a Netflix Party”. There will be two options, give control
  5. l to yourself over playback, or everyone can control it.
  6. Click on “Start the Party”.
    Netflix party app
  7. Another window will pop up that has a link, that should be shared with your friends.
  8. Copy the “URL”, and share it with others. You can get the link again by clicking on the Netflix Party extension icon.

How to Join Netflix Party?

If you want to join the Netflix party app then follow the given steps:

  1. Open Chrome Browser and download the Netflix Party extension
  2. Click on the invite URL
  3. Click on the Netflix Party icon and join the party
  4. Select your user icon and name. (This will help your friends to recognize you)

That’s it! Now you can start watching shows and movies with your friends.

Netflix Party chrome extension

Few things should be kept in mind before you start using Netflix Party.

All of your friends who are joining the party will be asked to have their own Netflix accounts. So, before you select any movie, make sure your friends are subscribed to Netflix. The active membership of the app can be shared across six devices, but only two streams are allowed.

Netflix Party lets you customize the chat with user icons and can keep a creative nickname. You can share GIFs, emojis, and screenshots.

The best thing is, there is no time limit for shared streaming, so no need to worry. Netflix Party syncs the quality of the content and makes sure that all of the friends have the same HD quality. And there is no restriction on how many people can watch Netflix with the Netflix Party chrome extension.

Up to 50 friends can participate in the same Netflix Party.

Quick Fixes for Netflix Party not Working

If you are having a problem using Netflix Party, then here are some quick fixes:

  • If the Netflix Party button color has not changed to red, then don’t panic. It changes the color from grey to red, after your click on Play. Until you start streaming, the button will not get activated.
  • The other way to get rid of the issue is, Quit all the active Chrome tabs and windows. This is helpful for many users.
  • You can adjust the extension settings from the Manage extensions options. Go to the settings page, turn on “Allow access to file URLs”.

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