Netflix, Prime Video and Others Should Soon be Sharing Viewing Data With UK PSBs

The British lawmakers eventually force the OTT streamers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to handover viewing data to UK’s public service broadcasters (PSB). This decision was made to help the PSBs get a more accurate analysis of how their commissioned content performs among the OTT users.

New Rules For OTTs in the UK

Europe and now divided the United Kingdom are known for making strict internet content rules concerning their public. In the latest move, the UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DCMSC) department has directed a new law against the OTTs operating locally.

This will force the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others to handover the top-line viewing statistics of Britain-origin content on their platforms to the UK’s public service broadcasters. These include local players like BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5.

Lawmakers claim that PSBs have the right to know how their commissioned content is performing among the OTT users to make informed decisions. They said that people, youth especially, are now watching some content like from the BBC more on OTTs than its iPlayer, where Netflix alone has stacked over 1,276 hours of UK public service broadcaster content.

The lawmakers also asked the OTTs to label the UK’s PSBs content with their respective logos. Thus the viewers can know who the actual broadcaster is. While some are already doing it, they’ve pointed out few episodes of The Fall from Amazon Prime Video that aren’t having the BBC logo on it.

Netflix and Amazon are most likely to reiterate this since they’re arguing that details asked to be shared commercially sensitive, which the lawmakers deny already.

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