Local Now Expands to 200 Countries With an Ad-Supported Version

Local Now, a video streaming platform that serves local news and weather reports, has now expanded to stream entertainment content. The platform’s owner announced this move and made it an ad-supported one to aid its free service. It has partnered with several production houses to procure the content.

Local Now Gets an Ad-Supported Version

Local Now Expands to 200 Countries With an Ad-Supported Version

What started as a weather report news service has now spun off into a wholesome content streaming app. The story of Local Now is inspiring, as it has now expanded to an ad-supported version and lets its users stream local news, weather, sports, traffic, movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc., for free.

This comes after three years of development and investment into the app, says Byron Allen, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Allen Media Group, the parent company of Local Now. Further, “Local Now is unique as it uses proprietary software and artificial intelligence to produce, aggregate, curate, and stream” the content.

Claiming the service is now “well-positioned as the new global standard for free streaming,” Local Now has the ability to stream geo-fenced channels to users based on their zip code. Local Now is now available in over 200 countries through an application form in Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xfinity, Vizio, Samsung, Hisense, and Android and iOS devices.

For entertainment content, it has partnered with movie studios like Maverick, Lionsgate, Sonar, Quiver, Cinedigm, Gravitas, etc. Besides all these, it still focuses on providing real-time weather reports through its Weather Channel and keeps them readily available in the app. Users can browse through the list or pick it easily from the guide.

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