Benedict Cumberbatch to Feature in a New Netflix Thriller Web Series

Benedict Cumberbatch, a portrayer of famous roles like Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange is now about to feature in a new thriller called The 39 Steps. This will be streamed on Netflix ultimately, with the production of it starting from next year. The show is likely to have six episodes and is an adaptation of a bestselling novel.

Benedict Cumberbatch New Series on Netflix

Benedict Cumberbatch to Feature in a New Netflix Thriller Web Series

Benedict Cumberbatch is an iconic actor featuring in many movies that had a great run at the box office worldwide. Some examples include Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Strange in Marvel, Hobbit, The Imitation Game, etc.

He’s currently busy with The Mauritanian, which has been nominated for five BAFTA awards and won two Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actress for Jodie Foster and Best Actor for Tahar Rahim.

It’s now revealed that he’d be featuring in a new Netflix thriller named The 39 Steps, which will start filming from 2022. It’s said to be directed by Edward Berger, who earlier directed Benedict in the Patrick Melrose series which won many awards later. Further, The Revenant’s Mark L. Smith will be the writer for this new thriller, adapting it from a bestselling novel by John Buchan.

As per the Deadline, this upcoming series will have at least six episodes in total. The story is a tale of Richard Hannay, an average guy who struck in a conspiracy plot to reset the world order. Since obtaining a degree in Classical Acting, Benedict suited well for such many thrillers earlier, would be a reliable actor here too.

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