This is the New Character of ‘Stranger Things’ that is Openly Gay

The third season of “Stranger Things” addresses sexual diversity. The suspense series set in the eighties includes his first openly gay character. The young characters in the story have grown, so interpersonal relationships are a key part of the new delivery. They have to live in new situations that in the past deliveries they had not experienced.

Stranger Things 3: They Add First Gay Character in Series

Among the new members is ” Robin”, played by Maya Hawke. The character soon became the new favourite of the fans, the third season just opened yesterday.

“Robin” is played by Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke (Photo: Twitter)
New Character of 'Stranger Things' that is Openly Gay
New Character of ‘Stranger Things’ that is Openly Gay

The new revelation is a teenage girl from Hawkins High School, the American people develop the story. Robin also works in the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop, inside a shopping centre, where he shares a shift with “Steve Harrington”.

Throughout the summer they work together it seems that a love story develops between this pair. In his first encounters, Robin is sarcastic and even teasing with Steve, but as time goes on chemistry begins. Their relationship little by little becomes closer and there is trust between them.

One day, she confesses that in high school she was obsessed with him. Before the end of the season, Steve declares her love, but Robin laments the misunderstanding because it clarifies that she is attracted to women.

The girl does not like “Steve”, her confession was about the jealousy she felt about him because the girl that Robin liked was in love with him.

On Twitter, the fans showed their approval for the new girl of the clan. “Why does not anyone talk about Robin?” An LGBT character in a 1980s-inspired series is the coolest pod the Duffer brothers could add to “Stranger Things 3,” a user wrote.

Others also did not let go of the fact that precisely “Steve”, who plays the role of a “womanizer” who calls everyone “fags”, fell in love with a lesbian and even supported her.

Maya Hawke, the actress who gives life to “Robin”, is a newbie in acting. Before “Stranger Things” she performed in the last television adaptation of the classic “Little Women”, written by Louisa May; but she is the daughter of two talented actors, Uma Thurman (“Kill Bill”) and Ethan Hawke (“Hamlet”).

The fans also built a theory about another of the characters, who could also be gay. For Mike, “Dustin” and “Lucas”, the youngest in history, behind the games are now enjoying their shy courtships. ” Will”, who was twice a guest of the Upside Down entities, is the only one who can not adapt to the new stage.

During a discussion where “Will” claims “Mike” for not spending as much time together as before, he replies that “it’s not my fault that he does not like girls”.

The phrase may have gone unnoticed, but the followers remembered another dialogue that could also refer to the boy’s sexual preference. In the first season the mother of “Will”, played by Winona Ryder, tells the sheriff that the boy’s father was bothering him for being “sensitive”: “He used to say how weird, he called him a sissy”.

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