Netflix is ​​famous for its willingness to spend a lot of money on exclusive content. But that’s not always worth it. These are the most expensive Netflix series. What is Netflix doing with your money? A week ago, a Netflix spokesman said that the streaming service would save money and put less money into expensive in-house productions in the future, especially in Netflix series. A week later, the situation looks different again.

For the new action movie “Red Notice” with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot Netflix reportedly spend $ 160 million. Plus marketing costs, that would be a total of $ 200 million for a Netflix original. But that’s just Netflix’s latest crazy investment. These are the most expensive Netflix series that the streaming king has funded with your subscription prices.

Netflix knows no measure: The most expensive Netflix series

Netflix is ​​not alone with its dizzying budget for original productions. While Netflix spent $ 90 million on the Will Smith movie Bright in 2017, the streaming service will cost the next Michael Bay action movie Six Underground starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead role $ 150 million.

That's How Netflix Loses its Money: The 7 Most Expensive Netflix Series of All Time
That’s How Netflix Loses its Money: The 7 Most Expensive Netflix Series of All Time

But even the most expensive Netflix series cannot match the $ 1 billion that Amazon Prime Video is currently putting into a “Lord of the Rings” television series (that’s $ 200 million a season).

Here are the seven most expensive Netflix series (as of July 2019)

7. “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist”

Meanwhile, all series around the Marvel superheroes Defenders were set to Netflix, so Marvel content in the future only on Disney +, the new streaming service run by the rights holder Disney. Years ago, Marvel and Netflix agreed on $ 200 million for the production of these series.

The separation from the series must have been painful for Netflix, as all except the “Iron Fist” were critically acclaimed and awarded several times. “Daredevil” was even considered one of the most popular TV series on the streaming service. The latecomer “The Punisher” was also deposed. Most recently, the third and final season of “Jessica Jones” was released in June.

6. “Orange is the New Black”

“Orange is the New Black” was the first major Netflix series to pay off the investment of $ 50 million a season. The tragicomic series on the slanted inmates of a women’s prison quickly became a must for critics and spectators and won many television prizes.

Prior to series launch, Netflix was best known for mailing DVDs and Blurays. The success of the series justified the success of Netflix as a serious streaming competition. The seventh and final season of “Orange is the New Black” will start on July 26, 2019.

5. “House of Cards”

In November 2018, the sixth and final season of “House of Cards” appeared. Initiated by director David Fincher (“Fight Club”) series on the political machinations of the scheming condescending Frank Underwood was once the most famous series on Netflix and cost $ 60 million per season.

When actor and producer Kevin Spacey was fired for a sex scandal in the wake of the “Me Too” scams, parts of season six had to be rewritten and filmed to make his colleague Robin Wright Penn the protagonist. That drove the costs up again.

4. “Marco Polo”

Never heard of the Netflix series playing in 13th-century China and allegedly swallowing $ 90 million for the first 10 episodes? There you are not alone.

Because the historical drama with the elaborate sets and costumes was a massive flop for Netflix. Spectators were not interested in the series, and according to media reports, Netflix lost more than $ 200 million.

3. “Sense8”

The fans were outraged when the Wachowskis Mystery Series (“Matrix”) was hired over the supernatural connections between eight complete strangers from the remotest regions of the world. But that had a good reason. One season cost Netflix $ 108 million.

This was because the Wachowski sisters insisted on shooting the series on location, in 16 cities and 13 countries around the world. That made the series unique, but also very expensive. There was not another season, but at least Netflix gave the Klagerufen the fans and donated the series a big final with a Christmas special.

2. “The Get Down”

For just one season, Netflix managed to keep “The Get Down” by “Moulin Rouge!” Director Baz Luhrmann alive. The series, set in the 1970s, is about a group of teenagers pursuing their musician careers in the brutal world of the Bronx.

The historic setting with fancy costumes and elaborate music sequences made the series expensive, but the $ 120 million production cost came mainly from shooting problems. Only a few spectators have been interested in the series.

1. “The Crown”

The most expensive Netflix series of all time and one of the most expensive TV series in history remains “The Crown”. The historical drama about the young Queen Elizabeth and the British royal family scores with magnificent costumes, a large cast and even a one-to-one replica of Buckingham Palace.

All this is supposed to cost Netflix $ 130 million a season. And due to the huge popularity for the series, Netflix continues to invest in an already announced third and fourth season.

That’s How Netflix Loses its Money: The 7 Most Expensive Netflix Series of All Time
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