Showbox for iPad Pro and Air 2 and iPhone is one of the most amazing things for Apple users because Showbox is one of the most powerful streaming application for smart devices and you can use Showbox on Android, Showbox for PC or now you can also access Showbox on your iPad Pro & Air 2 Without Jailbreak. You just need to follow some of the steps to install vShare and get Showbox on your iPad.

There is much more application that you can use to install Showbox on Apple devices such as Zestia Installer, Othman, and vShare. We can demonstrate the vshare method because that is the popular application used by iPhone and iPad users so maybe some of the users already have this application installed on their Apple iOS devices.

Showbox For iPad Without Jailbreak:

ShowBox For iPad & iPhone Download
Showbox For iPad & iPhone Download

Below you can see the simplest steps to install Showbox on your Apple device such as iPad, iPhone etc. You just need to install a third party application that enables you to install Showbox For iPad Pro & Air 2 easily.

Guys, let me tell you one thing that movie box or Showbox is like one application both working is same so as iOS users it is not easy to access Showbox on iOS devices as compared to install Showbox on Android or Showbox on your PC computer. So we demonstrate one of the most wanted ways to get Showbox on your iPad, iPhone or any Apple device.

Features of Showbox for iPad / iPhone / iPad Pro/Air 2:

  • Showbox apk has got a neat and clean design, so it is easy to find movies and TV shows in it.
  • Show Box app is graphically good too. The visual quality it better than other Showbox similar apps.
  • You don’t need to create an account or sign up for anything to watch movies online using Showbox apk.
  • You can also create your own playlist in Showbox after you download Showbox for iOS.
  • The database of this app gets updated daily, so you can find new movies and TV shows daily.
  • If you want to watch movies of a particular category, then you can search them.
  • If you are using a slow internet connection, then you can set the quality of the video, so that it won’t buffer.
  • There is an offline mode in Showbox app, where you can save movies and TV shows for offline viewing.
  • There are various sharing options available in Showbox app, which you can use to share movies and TV shows links with your friends

#1. Steps to install Showbox on iPad Pro & Air 2 without JailBreak:

We can use vShare in this tutorial so guys carefully follow these steps to install Showbox on your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Pro etc.

  1. First, you need to Download vShare Unjailbroken. If you want to access Showbox on iPad.
  2. After clicking on download Unjailbroken they will ask you about install and just hit the install button.
  3. Then It will automatically download and installed on your Apple Device and you can find the app icon on your apps.
  4. When you first time open this app so they ask you to trust the app developer. Where you need to hit “Trust” Button.
  5. After opening the vShare application on your iPad just hit search on Movie Box or Showbox.
  6. Just click on movie box icon and it will start downloading on your iPad.
  7. Now they will ask you to install this app after downloading. Just hit the install button.
  8. When all done now you can find the Showbox or movie box icon on your app menu.

This is the on of the method to install Showbox aka movie box on any Apple devices with the help of vShare or no jailbreak method. If you face any kind of problem in this article you can contact us or you can comment your problem below.

#2. Movie Box or Showbox for iPad Pro & Air 2 (IPA Method)

Thos method is for those who are not able to install and access to Showbox or movie box. Guys this is the simplest way to install Showbox or movie box on your Apple devices.

  1. Open Safari browser on your Apple devices.
  2. Just go to Google and Download “Showbox .IPA file” from a relevant site. (Showbox IPA & Movie Box .IPA)
  3. and you can directly download that movie Box or Showbox application on your iPhone, iPad Mini, Pro and Air 2.
  4. After installation, you can easily access to that application easily.

This method is very easy if you familiar with Android methods that how we used to download any .apk file from internet and directly installed on Android devices. So This case is very familiar that you just need to download .IPA file of Showbox or movie box and directly installed on iPhone or iPad.

From the Editor’s Desk:

Above you can see we demonstrate 2 way to install Showbox or movie box on iPad, iPhone or any other Apple iOS Devices. If you are not able to get that application on your Apple device so guys we have some other useful source where you can learn how you can install Showbox on your smartphone. Here are a couple of ways to install Showbox on your iPad.