When a series ends, it often leaves its fans with a sense of emptiness. Also at Netflix will end some hyped productions in the near future. Which series of the streaming service does not continue, read here?

You have to Say Goodbye to These Series Soon
You have to Say Goodbye to These Series Soon

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is one of the first Netflix originals and with seven seasons one of the longest lasting productions of the streaming service. The series tells the story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), who has to be imprisoned in the Litchfield Women’s Prison to find his way among the other inmates. “OITNB” is based on black humour, interesting characters from different social groups and a story that is gradually completed by flashbacks. The final season of Orange is the New Black at Netflix kicks off on July 26th.

Dark: The first German Netflix series also ends

The first German Netflix production “Dark” was designed from the beginning on only three seasons and ends thus next year. Initially stamped as Stranger-Things-Abklatsch, the Mystery series was also able to build up a large fan base internationally. Dark relies less on ’80s nostalgia and captivates with a far darker plot and also completely omits comedy elements. Filming of the third and final season has already begun and in 2020 the popular Mystery series will end. An exact release date is not fixed yet.

The Rain

The Rain is a Netflix-owned production from Denmark, which made its debut on the streaming portal in 2018. Like Dark , The Rain ends after just three seasons . The scene of The Rain is Scandinavia. Much of the people were killed by a virus spreading through the rain. The siblings Simone and Rasmus were able to survive, in which they entrenched themselves for six years in a bunker. Outside, they join a group of survivors and together they roam through post-apocalyptic Scandinavia. But that’s the end of 2020. Netflix ends The Rain next year.

Fuller House

Shortly after the release of the fourth season of Fuller House, the sitcom was renewed by another. The fifth will also be the last season of the full-house spin-off. Most recently, the cast of the original series returned to the house of the Tanner Fuller family, including Danny (Bob Saget), Joey (Dave Coulier), Jesse (John Stamos) and Rebecca (Lori Loughlin). The final season of Fuller House is expected to appear in the fall of 2019, a date is not yet fixed.

Stranger Things

Yes, even Stranger Things, the hype series par excellence, will not provide much replenishment in the form of new episodes. Producers Matt and Ross Duffer have stated a few years ago that they are planning four or five seasons. The portal We got this covered wants to know about an insider that Season 4 will be the last.
The third season of Stranger Things recently appeared and promptly broke an impressive Netflix record, Netflix remains true to its credo and produces even in such a successful and popular series no more than five seasons. The advantage of this is at least that the story is not unnecessarily stretched out and thus the quality does not suffer. Whether Stranger Things actually ends after Season 4 has not yet been officially confirmed; one can assume, however, according to the current state, that at the latest after the fifth season is over.
Netflix Pulls the Plug: You have to Say Goodbye to These Series Soon
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